1968 Mercury Cyclone GTA

When NASCAR Grand National stock car racing teams tested the new 1968 body styles, they found the Mercury Cyclone Fastback to be a bit faster than its Ford Fairlane counterpart. A more aerodynamic nose design was said to be the reason.

When Cale Yarborough drove the Wood Brothers Cyclone to victory in the Daytona 500, in February 1968 the battle of the NASCAR noses was on.

In 1968 Cyclones had a mid-tire level type stripe. Cars with GT options had an upper body racing stripe, bucket seats, wide tread white walls, special wheel covers, an all-vinyl interior and a special handling package. Cyclones were offered in two-door hardtops and two-door fastback models. The public voted overwhelmingly for the fastback, of which 6,105 GT optional Cyclones were made.



Residing on the option list was a four-barrel, 230 HP 302-cubic inch engine, a mild 265 HP version of the 390-cubic inch V8 and a much stronger 375 HP version, plus the 340 HP edition of the 427-cubic inch V8. It would be the only offered time that the 427 was offered and it was short one. It was replaced by the 428 cobra jet V8 rated at 335 insurance-pleasing horses.

This car was originally purchased by Miss Eleanor Southerland at Suburban Motors, Victoria, B.C. Canada. The car is fully optioned with the 390 335 HP, with bucket seats, automatic transmission, power windows and locks. This car is completely original only 74,000 miles on it. The car was purchased by Daryl Carter in February 2003 and now resides in Penticton, B.C. Canada.


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