1968 Z28 Camaro

For as well known as the Z28 has become, it started out quite humbly, in utter obscurity.  Chevy did very little to promote the Z28, which listed on the option sheet as "RPO Z28 - Special Performance Package."  There were no brochures to discuss the Z28, no showroom floor displays and no TV or radio commercials.  In fact, Chevy rarely discussed the options in sales training.  It was almost as if Chevy didn't want to sell the Z28.

Of course, Chevy did want to sell Z28's, but only to select customers who would put them to good use on race tracks.  You could not order it with air conditioning or with an automatic transmission.  In fact, you could only order a four-speed manual transmission, as well as optional power-assist disk brakes.  The Z28 featured a 302-CID Chevy small block V-8.  This engine had an easy to remember 4.0 x 3.0 inch bore and stroke.  It arrived with a single 800 CFM Holley four barrel carburetor on top of a special intake manifold and had 11.0:1 compression pistons.  Horsepower was rated at 290 at 5800 rpm's and it generated 290 ft. lbs. of torque at 4200 rpm's.

In addition to the standard Muncie four-speed, a Muncie close-ratio four-speed gearbox was the only option.  A 3.73:1 rear axel was standard.

A unique "torque arm" that was connected to the right side of the rear axel housing to help control the axel "wind-up and wheel hop under hard acceleration, while a special, fast-ratio steering box made it easier to point the front wheels in the needed direction.  Putting it all the road were 15 x 6 inch Rally wheels wearing low-profile, wider tires.  This setup provided more traction and less side wall deflection, which allowed for more predictable handling, but the heart of the Z28 was the high revving 302-CID, which when tuned right was capable of turning 13 second 1/4 mile times.

This particular Z28 has the RS option which included the use of a different grill that hides the front headlights and required the relocation of the turn signals to the lower valance panel.  The headlight doors are vacuum operated.  Other features of the Rally Sport package included wheel-well moldings and drip moldings.  Also, the Z28 has front and rear spoilers, power windows, rear window defrost, sport-style wood-grain steering wheel, front and rear bumper guards and folding rear seat.

the engine and transmission are matching numbers.

This car was purchased from Bob Gibney of Summerland BC in May 2006.


Z28 equipped Camaros received higher-ratio springs up front and beefier leaf springs in the rear.  Re-valved shocks complemented the new springs and helped minimize unwanted body movement, as did a larger diameter front stabilizer bar.



The car has had a complete restoration and resides  in Daryl Carter's personal muscle car collection in Penticton BC, Canada.

The car is registered in the Z28 registry.

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